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A Better You through Better Nutrition

An All-In-One Proprietary Supplement Liquid. Backed by Clinical Research & Quality Ingredients That Promote Optimal Health

each serving replaces dozens of capsules and pills
If you were to buy all of these ingredients separately, they could cost you over OVER $350!


Blood Sugar Support Balance Hormones Decrease Appetite Enhance Mood Weight Management (1)

For best taste and results, mix the products into 4-6 oz of water

Why Choose Our Nutritional Liquid PRODUCTS?

Who are we? Who is Formula FX? Why are we the best? Why should you buy our product? What makes us unique? 

A Better You Through Better Nutrition

Unlock Your Potential

Everyone wants to be healthy, vibrant, strong, and full of life.  Our Formulafx products can help you achieve a better quality of life.  They provide hundreds of nutrients to your body in great tasting liquid nutritional formulas that contain numerous ingredients in every bottle.

Products with a proven track record with documented results and benefits from real customer testimonials now available directly to YOU at great discounted prices!

8 Benefits Of Our Proprietary Nutritional Products

Unique Custom Proven Formulas

Supports Blood Glucose Metabolism

Promotes An Increase In Energy

Helps The Body Utilize Carbs, Fats and Proteins

Improves Mental Alertness & Focus

Provides Immune Function Support

Supports Proper Blood Lipids

Good Source Of Natural Antioxidents

BUILD The Body and Life You Want

What's all the buzz about Collagen products? What makes this formula unique, different, and better? We are confident that our multi ingredient collagen peptide formula is the best! LEARN MORE BELOW

Most people are deficient in very important structural amino acids (proteins). In a healthy person, collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the body. BUILD was designed to strengthen and repair the body. It is a revolutionary multi ingredient formula with hundreds of clinically supported nutrients including collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid. BUILD is backed by years of research. Contains clinically supported ingredients that may strengthen, repair, and restore the body from the inside out.

Is This You?

Tired of taking too many supplements to stay healthy? Frustrated because you have to swallow dozens of different capsules and pills every day and spending too much money?

Formula FX replaces over a dozen different supplements all in one bottle. Contains of hundreds of necessary nutrients including collagen peptides, aloe vera, garcinia, MSM, cinnamon extract, green tea, raspberry ketones, and much more!

Unique Proprietary Liquid that contains powerful, all natural ingredients with proven results for improving overall wellness and happiness

Backed by clinical research and our enhanced liquid absorption technology. Absorb what you consume for maximum health benefits with our great tasting liquid products. Great value that makes your life simple!

Try This!

Get Your Body and Life In BALANCE

How many different health issues and symptoms are caused by un-balanced blood sugar? Why do many people have this major health condition and don't even know it? LEARN MORE BELOW

BALANCE was designed for metabolism support. It is one of the few nutritional supplements in the world today with hundreds of nutrients that has 3rd party independent double blind clinical research on blood sugar and other health issues for optimal wellness and quality of life. The wellness and health results and benefits that were reported from this clinical research study were very encouraging and exciting! Designed and formulated to balance blood sugar, increase metabolism, and improve mental clarity.

Simply take one or both of these synergistic formulas 1-2 times per day for optimal health benefits results! You can take just one of the products for good results, but taking both products every day can offer even better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: These formulas were designed to be taken on a daily continual basis for overall health maintenance to provide your body with the missing nutrients that we are not getting in our modern food supply in order to function at maximum levels of wellness. The positive effects of this formula can be felt very quickly but the benefits are cumulative and should get better as time goes on.
A: It has been well documented that liquid formulas are much better absorbed than powders, capsules, and tablets.  But we take this to another level.  Our formulas have our own proprietary liquid absorption technology that enhances the utilizing of these many nutrients at the cell level for maximum results. 
A: There is no set way to enjoy the many health benefits of these formulas, you can take then when it’s convenient for your schedule.  You can take the product together at the same time in the morning.  But here is the best way to take both of the products in your daily routine.  Take the Balance product first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and then wait about 1/2 hour to have our coffee or breakfast.  Then take the Build product at bedtime on an empty stomach about 3-4 hours after your last meal.  Just simply take 1 to 2 servings of each formula every day.  You can drink the products straight (then follow with 4-6 oz. of water) or you can dilute the products in 4-6 oz. of water.  It is just personal preference. Although this is not required, taking the products on an empty stomach will help absorb the ingredients more efficiently. It will not hurt you in any way to take the products with a meal, but the formulas will not be absorbed as quickly.  


A: YES!  That is a positive result of regulating your blood sugar levels.  Taking the Balance and Build products individually can help with weight management and fat burning, but when these 2 products are taken together every day, the results and health benefits are usually more significant.
A: Yes of course, but we have to list a recommended daily serving size on our product labels.


A: Yes! They are all natural and we use no artificial ingredients are flavors.  Our products are proven and safe with no harmful stimulants or side effects!
A:  The Balance product is more for blood sugar control, metabolism, energy, hormones, and mental focus.  The Build product is more for inflammation, joint pain, lean muscle, amino acid support, exercise recovery, and strengthening the body from the inside out. And because of the combination of synergistic ingredients in both of these formulas, we get many good testimonies from people saying they are losing weight and burning fat.
A: These formulas were designed to be taken on a continual basis for overall health maintenance and to bridge the gap between what nutrients that you are not getting in your modern daily diet to function at maximum levels of health and wellness. The positive effects of this formula can be felt very quickly but the benefits are cumulative and should get better as time goes on. We recommend taking the products for at 60-90 days to get the full benefits of the formulas on daily basis, but many people notice results in the first couple of weeks.
A:  We use grass fed Bovine collagen which has a better amino acid profile than other forms of collagen.  Bovine collagen has a proven track record and a long history of many years of research.  Bovine collagen has a greater amount of  Glycine, which provides strength for connective tissue, joint health, muscles, skin, and bones. It also contains more Hydroxyproline, which plays a role in collagen stability as well as Proline which helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles and other vital organs. Our decision and proven track record of 20 plus years continues to hold true that Bovine collagen is the best choice as it outweighs the other types of available collagen. 
A: Yes and it’s a great nutritional boost for everyone in the morning right before breakfast.  But we always recommend that you consult with your health care professional about these decisions.
A: Many do, but again we always recommend that you consult with your physician or health care professional. Taking any supplement is always a greater risk during pregnancy and using extreme caution is good advice. If there is any question at all, do not take it.
A: Absolutely.  Our formulas can actually enhance the effectiveness of other nutrients and supplements. You may find that after a period of time on the products, that you can cut some of the other supplements back because of your results, and because these formulas provides so many all natural nutrients. There have been no reported adverse interactions at all with any other supplements.
A: Please consult with your physician.  These products are dietary food supplements. If you do take prescription drugs, just try to take them at a different time so that you do not decrease the effectiveness of these formulas.


A: NO!  Our products are stimulant free, safe, and all natural.
A: No and neither is Vitamin C. The FDA approves and promotes pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic chemicals. They do not get involved with all natural nutritional products. However, all of our formulas are produced in a GMP – FDA inspected facility.
A: Definitely!! Not only are these formulas great for general wellness, but it has many nutrients that can enhance performance naturally and safely. Some of these clinically supported nutrients have been shown to increase energy, stamina and performance and actually help transport glucose to the muscle cell as well as help cut recovery time in half. Many athletes take these products before and directly after workouts and competitions.


A: About 2 years un-opened (un-used) and about 90 days if already opened. Please refrigerate after opening for freshness.


“A good friend of mine recommended these products to me and my wife and we were skeptical because we have tried so many other products that just did nothing for us. But I have to say, after being on both of these products for about 2 months, me and my wife are so pleased with the results that we are getting! These products are doing so much for our health that it would be difficult to list them all here. I would just simply say that everyone needs to try these products to see for themselves!”
Todd & Sara J.
“I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to be taking these great products. I have been so blessed with regaining excellent health and I was having problems with high blood pressure and blood sugar level. After taking these products for a little over 3 weeks, my blood pressure has come down to normal and my glucose level are improving! I am so happy and just want to say THANK YOU for these great formulas! I am so glad I found them I and have already been telling people about my results and sharing these incredible products.”
Sue T.
“I have lost 35 pounds in a year. I feel terrific. My doctor told me to lose weight as I was having major health problems. I had a disease that was threatening my life. My friend told me to try the Formula fx products, and I’ve tried every diet in the world so I might as well try this too. The products taste very good, and boy was it easy. I just took 1 tablespoon of each product every day. And I found that I no longer craved all the sweets that were so bad for me. The thing I liked was that I just ate my normal foods. And soon as I found that I wasn’t hungry as I used to be, I took it to my doctor and he thought it was great, and told me to keep taking it. These products have been my answer.”
Margie B.
“I began using the products because I was experiencing severe knee and joint pain, and hoped it would relieve the distress. I have a part time job that requires me to spend a lot of time on tile floor, and the wear and tear on my joints was becoming increasingly unbearable. After taking both products for about a week, my joint pain started to subside. Within 6 weeks it was gone! Then I started noticing the added benefits. I was losing weight! Within the past 6 months I have lost over 15 pounds and more than 3 inches around my middle. My clothes fit better and many people have commented on how trim I’ve become. With an improved energy level, Formula fx has made it possible for me to keep up at work and follow a rigorous exercise routine because I’m pain free!”
Bryan C.
“These products are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. The first month, I got relief from horrible pain in both knees and my back that I’ve had for years. My lupus and ulcer symptoms have improved dramatically and I just feel like a normal person for the 1st time in years! And my anxiety and depression are so much better. I cannot wait to see what will happen after 2 or 3 more months. I am very happy!”
Nancy B.
“I never thought that I’d be giving a testimony to anybody since I have tried so many other things. However, I have never felt better in my life and my mental clarity and mood have been incredible! The incredible products are changing my life! And WOW the energy I am now getting is amazing! I am also sleeping much better at night. And my doctor also told me that my blood work has never looked this good and he told me to keep taking these products. People tell me that I look like I am working out, but I’m not. I will never be without these products!”
Linda T.